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Employee Spotlight - Joe Coniglio

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 Amanda Coniglio

As President of OSEA, Joe Coniglio wears many "hard-hats". His background as an Officer in the United States Army, where he specialized in logistics planning, tactical operations command center control, and leadership has helped OSEA grow and expand over the past decade. As an Army officer, Joe served in some of the most prestigious units to include 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq, and 1st Armor Division in good 'ol Texas. He'll be the first to lead your safety committee and your Health and Safety Program in the direction of success, much like he leads our staff to exceed and excel.

When he’s not in the office, he’s still working, but in between phone calls, emails and site visits, Joe enjoys spending time with his family camping in the hills of Franklinville and tackling home improvement projects in the summer and when winter hits, his time is spent giving back to the community through hockey coaching and running goalie clinics for young hockey players through the Hamburg Hawks.

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