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Written safety program and training record reviews are becoming more and more common. In the past, bids were choosen on dollars and metrics whereas today, in some cases, your safety program must qualify first in order to bid.

There are various services that are utilized by companies to qualify their contractors safety programs and training records, most notably ISNet® and PICS®. Owners and general contractors utilize these solutions to review your safety programs to ensure regulatory compliance as well as your employee training records.

If you are new to the process or don't have the staff to manage and maintain these programs, then give us a call. OSEA is an independent company, with no agenda other than to help you get approved by third-party prequalification providers. That being said, OSEA is in no way sponsored, approved, or affiliated with ISNetworld®. ISN®, ISNetworld®, TRAVS®, MSQ® and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Corporation.

ISN® Compliant Manual Included Included Included
Up to 20 programs based on company's needs Included Included Included
Additional Programs Available* Included Included Included
Support - OSEA to upload/revise as needed for curret requirements Included Included
Support - OSEA to manage, create/add for all requests made over 12-month period Included
Unlimited Programs (per request) Included
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OSEA can provide programs, upload required documents, and even maintain your program for RAVS®, T-RAVS® and even MSQ®. Call to see how we can help you through the process.


Initially getting approved by one of these third party prequalification programs is a victory but who will maintain your status for the long run? OSEA can ensure you get approved and stay approved!

Custom Safety Manuals

The starting point to a good safety posture is a solid safety manual. Your safety manual is your companies foundation, so don't settle for a generic off the shelf manual. Let OSEA create a custom manual for your team.

Custom Programs A‛ la carte

So you have a good safety manual that is being used and has been approved but find out it is missing a certain program or policy, let OSEA tailor a specific program to match your current manual.

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