Third Party Verification System Support

ISN®, Avetta®, Browz® and Veriforce®

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Third Party Verification System Support

Subcontractor management has evolved from manual program, training, and safety statistic review to a more digital approach with platforms such as ISN®, Avetta®, Browz®, and Veriforce® offering large owner clients an easier, more streamlined way of vetting their subcontractors and suppliers. This leaves many of their subcontractors stuck in a time consuming, tedious, and confusing system in order to retain and win contracts with their long-time clients. If this sounds familiar, OSEA, Inc. can help!

If you are struggling with the process and getting your company compliant with any of the third-party verification systems, give OSEA a call. We are an independent company with no affiliation nor sponsorship with ISN®, Avetta®, Browz®, and Veriforce®. Our goal is to help you get approved with less hassle – saving you valuable time and resources.

Our Third-Party Support Services are flexible and tailored directly to your company needs and pricing is based on the level of support you request. Services range from the development of compliant programs and policies all the way up to full account management with our team as involved as you need.

Safety Program Audit/Review

Once you have established your account on any of the aforementioned platforms, you will be required to upload your safety programs for review. The required programs will be determined directly by your client. OSEA can quickly develop system compliant programs and guarantee their acceptance within the platform. Any required revisions will be made quickly by our experts.

Account Maintenance

Throughout your time in one of the platforms, there will be new and changing requirements that will need to be handled in order to maintain an approved status. Our account maintenance program is designed to ensure that you maintain compliance/approved status and to handle any deficiencies or new client requests quickly and efficiently. We also communicate with the platform support teams and submit a waiver and variance requests as needed.

Questionnaires, Forms, and Documentation

Each platform and client has a unique set of questionnaires, forms, and required documents. OSEA can assist you in completing the questionnaires and forms and uploading the necessary documentation such as your EMR and OSHA logs. We can even coordinate directly with your insurance broker/carrier to ensure that your COIs meet the system requirements.

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