Veriforce Instructors & Evaluators

Veriforce Instructors & Evaluators

Safety training, verification, and qualifications are being required by owners and general contractors more often through outlets such as NCCER and Veriforce. As authorized Veriforce evaluators and NCCER master trainers, OSEA can help your team through the process.

NCCER: OSEA has master trainers for trades, pipeline, and safety & health sectors. As an Accredited Assessment Center (AAC), OSEA conducts operator qualifications and testing for your employees. Additionally, OSEA can set up site training units (TU) and conduct required oversight and audits.

Veriforce: Verify regulatory compliance in four areas: Safety, Operator Qualification, Training and Drug and Alcohol Monitoring. OSEA has certified performance evaluators that can help your team complete these requirements.

OQSG (Operator Qualification Solutions Group): OSEA is an authorized OQSG Reseller and provider of this comprehensive, cost-effective training and qualifications system. OQSG is a fairly newer way to help you comply with DOT 49CFR192 and 195 regulations and support your Operator Qualification Plan.

NCCER Site Setup

We can set you up as an Accredited Training Unit (ATU) or Accredited Assessment Site (AAS) under OSEA in order for you to conduct your own training and testing among your employees at your convenience. This process includes training of the necessary site personnel (i.e. instructors, performance evaluators, coordinators and proctors), the application process and necessary inspections.

NCCER Module Training & OQ's

Module training can be conducted by OSEA for the trades, pipeline, and safety employees. In addition, we also offer OQ testing, both hands on and computer/written for pipeline employees. Training and testing can be conducted at our facility or yours!


A cost effective option for achieving Operator Qualification for your employees. We have proctors and evaluators on staff to administer computer and hands on testing of over 100 covered tasks. Currently accepted by many Owner Clients, this system also communicates with ISN to ensure you OQ records are up to date and easily accessible.


OSEA is an authorized Veriforce performance evaluator (hands on). Experienced, knowledgeable and flexible; let OSEA be your evaluators.

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