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Expert Litigation Services

Expert Litigation Services, Inc. has provided investigations, expert opinions, and testimony on more than 200 cases for construction, manufacturing, retail, and outlet operations across the country. The principal and expert witness, John Coniglio, has personally testified in more than 60 cases, in several states as well as federal court; for both defense and plaintiffs (civil and criminal matters).

John Coniglio has provided expert case support since first being called to testify on a case in 1983. Expert Litigation Services, Inc began as an additional service offered by Occupational Safety & Environmental Assoc. (OSEA) in 1993. In 2003, Managing Director of OSEA, John Coniglio, decided to separate that service from OSEA and open Expert Litigation Services, Inc. Expert Litigation Services was created for the purpose of providing litigation support for OSHA violations, construction accidents, workers compensation, and environmental cases alike. In the last 10 years John has been able to assist law firms and corporations with services that have been instrumental in their success.

Due to the close relationship between OSEA and Expert Litigation Services, he has been able to expand his services to investigations, research, and support for clients engaged in legal action. Since inception Expert Litigation Services has been involved in more than 100 cases, with John Coniglio taking the stand numerous times in both state and federal court.

About John Coniglio

John started his safety career in June 1973. He contains over four decades worth of experience in the workplace safety, environmental, and risk management fields. Learn more about John and view his CV below.

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Expert Litigation Services has provided investigations, expert opinions, and testimony on more than 200 cases. John Coniglio has personally testified in over 50 cases for both defense and plaintiffs.

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Client Testimonials

"I'm writing to say thank you for your excellent work in the case...Your work was absolutely outstanding and I look forward to working with you on other cases."
Robert E Lahm P.L.L.C. Attorneys at Law

"We are very appreciative of the help you provided in this case. I have no doubt that the result could have been quite different, if not for your assistance."
Sanford Holshouser Attorneys at Law

"I just wanted to say thanks, you did an excellent job at your deposition testimony. I was really pleased that you did not yield an inch and your answers and basis were well reasoned."
Anonymous Client

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