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Employee Spotlight - Carol Wittmeyer

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 John Coniglio

As I sit here beginning to “pen” this note on behalf of Carol, I noted, last month (October) marked her 24th year with OSEA. Carol came on board in 1993 when we needed an “organizer”, shepherd for the field employees, and someone who could figure out what I did, when, and keep me pointed in the right direction. Carol has taken on many roles and responsibilities over the years from training management to NCCER Coordinator, she has been instrumental in all things OSEA.

Carol always went above and beyond the call by working late nights, starting early or even traveling to unknown parts of the east coast to set up training sites on the weekend.

Now she will retire from full time ‘duty’ but hopefully when we have need, she will be back to assist as needed. Carol has passed on the knowledge and process to us but her drive and “just get out there and do it” attitude on a daily basis will be missed.

Thank you for all your service, dedication, and tireless efforts in support of our mission.

-John Coniglio.

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