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Employee Spotlight: Liz Bermingham

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 Shana Watson

Liz has been part of OSEA since 1991. Holding the titles of Accounting Manager, OSEA/NC Shareholder, Secretary, and Treasurer, Liz has been the financial backbone, overseeing everything from financial statements to budget planning and direction of current operations. What keeps her going strong for over three decades at OSEA? A deep-rooted passion for OSEA's mission: saving lives and preventing injuries.

Before OSEA, Liz honed her financial expertise at Empire of America Realty Credit Corporation and the Wesleyan Church. When asked about advice for those starting their careers, Liz emphasizes focus, seeking help when needed, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Beyond the office, Liz finds joy in photography, turning captured moments into calendars and wall hangings. The commitment to helping others extends to volunteering at various organizations, serving those in need with food. Outside of work and volunteering, Liz enjoys spending time with family, camping, hiking, biking, and, notably, singing in the car. Some of her favorite local hangouts include Hamburg Beach, Bandits games, and Johnson’s Landing.

As for personal aspirations, Liz is pursuing a musical journey, having already ventured into guitar lessons and now setting sights on piano lessons.

In a nutshell, Liz brings financial insight and a mix of interests to the OSEA crew, embodying a combo of dedication and diverse passions.

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