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Employee Spotlight: DeAnna Carollo

Thursday, December 21, 2023 Shana Watson

Meet DeAnna, a dedicated member of our team at OSEA since June 2022. Her role involves tackling various tasks with unwavering commitment, ensuring she delivers her best on every project.

When asked about the unique aspect of working at OSEA, DeAnna highlighted the company's genuine concern for safety and compliance with OSHA standards. However, what sets OSEA apart for her is the team's shared values – a community of God-loving, caring individuals who prioritize family and faith over everything else.

DeAnna's professional journey is as intriguing as it is diverse. With a background in psychology from Syracuse University, she ventured into construction, bartending, and even worked as a personal assistant for a TV chef (Chef Pepin') for nearly two decades. Her experiences ranged from law enforcement and firefighting to avionics in Florida, leading her to a role as a food and beverage director at the Radisson hotel in New York. Eventually, she found herself immersed in the world of safety, navigating the OSHA wonderland.

For newcomers entering the professional arena, DeAnna offers valuable advice: start early, listen more than you talk, and seek knowledge from those willing to share. And, of course, she humorously advises against taking advice from those in worse-off positions.

DeAnna's most meaningful accomplishment extends beyond her career achievements. She cherishes the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus and takes pride in caring for her parents, providing support to her father after her mother's passing.

Outside of work, DeAnna finds joy in spending time with family, cooking, reading her Bible, sewing, and enjoying some TV and movies. A woman of many talents, she can even water ski and skurf (ski on a surfboard behind a boat). Fun facts about her include being a preacher's wife in the past and having affiliations with groups like the "Outlaws" and the "Outcasts."

When it comes to her favorite local spots, any place with good chicken wings is a winner for DeAnna. And while she once contemplated flying lessons, her current endeavor involves teaching herself Greek and Hebrew through a language app.

DeAnna's story is one of resilience, diverse experiences, and a commitment to faith, family, and continuous learning. We're proud to have her as a valuable member of the OSEA team.

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