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Employee Spotlight: Alfred Marceaux

Monday, October 30, 2023 Gary Smith

Alfred Marceaux, or as his friends and co-worker call him “Marso” is a senior member of OSEA’s construction field experts. From providing safety support down South on oil rigs, conducting Root Cause investigations, to being a primary EHS manager on a multi-million dollar hospital project, Marso has decades of successfully guiding safety programs on diverse and challenging projects. Since joining OSEA in 2020, he has also become a part of our expert training staff, providing top notch, hands on based training in a wide variety of EHS subject. In his present assignment, he was assigned as part of the Safety team on new Buffalo Bills historic stadium project. Marso, is an avid outdoorsman and exceptional cook as well! The only thing Marso is better at than safety … is fly fishing. If you ever meet him ask him for a good fishing story.

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