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10 ways to improve safety performance for 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014 John P. Coniglio - PhD, CSP, CHMM, RPIH, CSC

  1. What is your safety culture? Find out what employees and supervisors think of your safety effort.
  2. Do an assessment, get feedback. Then follow up after 6 months to see if any adjustments are having impact on areas of negative feedback.
  3. Train and train effectively. This includes all employees and supervision.
  4. Top management with renewed involvement. Pace setters with vigor!
  5. Set goals and expectations. Utilize the safety professional assisting the site to aid the process and gauge results.
  6. Do an audit of the facility and operations. Use employees in the process. Look beyond mere regulatory compliance and check to see things are safe.
  7. Review your safety management system or safety program. Update and plan for the year’s activity based on your expected operations, goals and objectives. If you don’t have one, develop one.
  8. Reinvigorate your safety committee, if one is not present set it up.
  9. Begin to do or reevaluate current Job Safety (Hazard) Analysis for critical tasks. This will include personal protection selection and evaluation of indoor air quality.
  10. Do safety briefs daily. Review and discuss with work crews the day’s activity, safety concerns and expectations.

Good luck with your efforts as luck will come from nothing more than well directed effort!

Author: John P. Coniglio - PhD, CSP, CHMM, RPIH, CSC
Managing Director of OSEA Inc.

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