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"I'm all set, I have Safety Systems set in Place."

Sunday, January 5, 2020 Melissa Harris

"I'm all set, I have safety systems in place."

This is the sentence I hear most often when I talk to business owners about Safety Badger. Everyone is confident in their current procedures to prevent workplace injuries and avoid OSHA fines.

Yet, 4.6 million workers are injured on the job every year. Most of these accidents are preventable. The average MINOR workplace injury can cost an employer $39,000 when you factor in lost wages, medical expenses, decreased production and increased insurance premiums. Worker's Compensation claims exceed ONE BILLION DOLLARS WEEKLY. And, all of these business owners thought they were "all set".

John Coniglio, PhD., has been helping companies reduce OSHA fines and prevent workplace accidents for over 30 years. John and his team of 37 EHS experts, including PhDs, CIHs, CSPs and more are provided to you, in real-time, through the Safety Badger app. Simply snap a picture, text a question, or consult our product recall notices and regulatory updates through the mobile app, and within minutes you will be marked "safe" or "unsafe" and receive regulatory guidelines and expert recommendations.. There is even a quick-connect feature, so if OSHA arrives, our experts will talk you through the visit to minimize fines.

Even if you have a Safety Manager on-site, Safety Badger can be a great resource, because no one person can be everywhere and know everything. Even the most skilled workers need tools, and at the very least, Safety Badger can provide another set of eyes to validate safety or make recommendations for a safer practice.

For as low as $19 per month, you can have instant access to 37 EHS experts. Create reports, receive product recall notices and regulatory updates, log safety walk-throughs, get topics for toolbox talks- all through the mobile app.

Put an extra 37 EHS virtual experts on every job-site, and have peace of mind that the Badger has your back.

Want to learn more about Safety Badger? Click here!: www.safetybadger.osea.com

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