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Safety Recalls and Regulation Updates – the Simple Way to Stay Up To Date

Sunday, December 15, 2019 Amanda Coniglio

Are you up to date on all of the recent safety recalls and regulation updates? There is a good chance that these items are tucked away in the way back of your mind right now. You perform your equipment inspections and remove items from service accordingly, and rightly so, that’s a priority; but what about the defects that you can’t see? Simultaneously, you’re keeping up with safety training for your employees, but when is the last time you updated your programs and training programs; more than 3 years?

Sometimes we think we have our ducks in a row in regards to safety, but if we aren’t continuously checking for safety recalls on our equipment, tools, and PPE and checking consistently for updated safety regulations and adjusting training and programming, then we can find ourselves in a bit of a pickle. It’s important to note that ignorance is not a valid argument when it comes to OSHA Inspections and fines. So what can we do to stay up to date, besides spending countless hours trolling the internet every day? Are there any simple ways to get safety recalls and regulation updates quickly and with little effort?

The answer is YES! The new app Safety Badger has you covered! All safety-related recalls and safety regulations are pushed straight to you via notifications through the app on your smartphone/device. This will save you time, energy and frustration! Not only will you receive the official recalls and information on the standard updates, but you will be able to ask questions and receive real-time answers from industry professionals straight through the app, without major interruptions in your day. Safety Badger is the only app of its kind – saving you time, money, frustration and most importantly, assisting you in keeping your employees safe! Yes, we know, give that Badger a cape because he is 100% a safety superhero!

Interested in trying out Safety Badger? Follow this link to request a code: https://www.safetybadger.osea.com/demo/

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