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Employee Spotlight: George Moretti

Monday, December 3, 2018 Joseph Coniglio

George Moretti is this month's Employee Spotlight, and he is one of the longest standing employees in the company. George Moretti grew up in Buffalo, NY, ended up working for our company in the Buffalo office, but when the North Carolina office was opened he took the leap to jump start that operation for us. Needless to say he is a pathfinder (military term)! George is an amazing safety trainer who is requested time and time again by clients all over the country. He has a unique way of capturing the audience’s attention and getting them to participate in his classes. On top of being a great instructor, George is considered our resident expert of industrial hygiene operations and planning, most notably when it comes to mold. George is a US Army Veteran who served as a Military Police. George has actually retired from full time work at OSEA and now picks up assignments as a part time job when he’s not fulfilling the honey-do list at home.

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