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Employee Spotlight: Bob Hamels

Monday, August 10, 2020 Julia Costa

OSEA has added another new team member! We’re introducing you to Bob Hamels, our newest Senior Safety Specialist. You’ll be seeing Bob’s face quite a bit when you use our business for services. When asked what he was most excited about joining the OSEA team, he responded, “I would have to say now that I will be working with the OSEA team I will be able to bring a vast background that includes, automotive, steel, chemical, and agriculture industries where I can hopefully help and teach others.” This is extremely helpful as his knowledge in these areas will allow us to offer more training classes in different areas.

Bob’s background includes a vast array of industry and field types including project engineering, machine installations and repair troubleshooting, welding, production, and educational training. He also holds a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Science attained at the State University College of New York at Buffalo. With many years of experience, Bob’s favorite thing about working in safety is the ability to teach and instruct the upcoming workforce on how to do their job safely and correctly without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Outside of the safety realm, Bob enjoys farming the most. He owns his own farm with his wife and has raised crops and horses for the last 25 years! Fun fact, Bob’s been involved in the equestrian world for many years. He has trained and competed in Carriage Driving throughout WNY. Talk about an unsafe spot, that’s it!

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