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Your Pets in the Summer Weather

Monday, July 23, 2018 Natalie Salem

The summer weather can be very straining on your pets; especially with the heat waves we’ve been having the past few weeks. As a pet owner myself, I have seen the stress the heat can put on a dog, causing constant panting, less energy, and increased thirst. The strain of the hot weather isn’t the only issue you should be concerned about for your pet, but also the bugs and parasites that are thriving in the summer months as well. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your pet stays safe through the hot summer months into the fall.

  • Visit your vet in the spring and early summer for a checkup to ensure they will be protected from heartworms, ticks, and fleas.
  • Make sure you have fresh, clean water readily available to your pet whether it is outdoors or indoors. Also, if they are outside, make sure they have shade available to lay in. My dog loves to dig up the dirt under a few bushes and lay in the dirt and shade to cool off.
  • Never leave your animal alone in a hot vehicle, even with a window opened. This can cause heat stroke and possibly death. It is also illegal in many states including New York.
  • If you’re going to be away from the house for an extended amount of time, leave your animals with enough food and water until you plan to get back. Sometimes sitting in the house all day, especially a home with no air conditioning, can strain your dog as well.
  • Never shave your animal in the summer as they can get sunburned. Feel free to give them a trim as this will help them keep cool while avoiding the irritation of a bad burn.
  • Keep your windows screened making sure your cat or other indoor animals don’t get out, while still keeping your house ventilated.
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