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Employee Spotlight - John Coniglio

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 Amanda Coniglio

John Coniglio, PhD. alongside his wife Gina Coniglio, built OSEA from the ground up back in 1991. With over 40 years in the field and a strong passion for all things workplace safety, John has grown OSEA to the globally recognized and highly regarded safety firm that it is today. John cut his teeth in the chemical industry as a safety and plant hospital director and has worked in almost every type of industry since. Currently, as the Managing Director, John oversees all operations and projects that OSEA is involved with; he leads his team by one of his favorite guidelines “fair, firm, and consistent”. He also serves as an Expert Witness for numerous law firms and has become a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and author. He truly leads from the front as you will no doubt find him walking a site, teaching a class or conducting an assessment for clients.

In between maintaining his many certifications and continuing to grow his safety knowledge and company, John can be found enjoying the summer weather by the pond fishing, in the hills of Franklinville, NY or navigating the highways in his Camaro.

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