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Employee Spotlight - Gregory Santo

Thursday, January 4, 2018 John Coniglio

In 1997, we (OSEA), decided to open up a Southern office and like so many other companies selected the Charlotte, North Caroline area. We needed to staff it and thus began the process of interviews. Along comes this talkative, enthusiastic and just plain ‘nice guy’, Greg Santo. Greg, a former business owner on his own, understood the needs of starting up a new office and was ready to go! He had transplanted from Florida had an Environmental Managers position in Statesville, N. C. and was now working for Safety Clean doing a job that wasn’t exactly the customer sales and relations he expected. He basically said, I’m tired of moving 55 gallon drums of waste it’s breaking my back! I think Gina (CEO), felt sorry for him and…..

So, on 3/31/97, we brought Greg on board and not only has a great business relationship ensued, but a personal friendship with myself, Gina and I would say the rest of our staff. Greg is one of the nicest people you can get to know and work with, someone who never says “NO”, has the best interest in our total success, and just keeps on contributing. He has tolerated my golf game, put up with my visits and makes thing happen. He often said, after my third day down, “We have hit the PEL (permissible exposure limit) for JPC, it’s time to go!"

I wasn’t however, the one who as uncharacteristic for him as it seems, threw his back out (throwing a club), a day before his wedding to his now better half, Vicki, after making a bad golf shot!

As a small company, we have been fortunate to have so many super people come and work with us, Greg being one of the best. We hope you stay around for a while longer.

- John Coniglio

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