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National Trauma Awareness Month

Friday, May 20, 2022 Emily Cook

National Trauma Awareness Month

Every year in May, the American Trauma Society spreads awareness of National Trauma Awareness Month. This year’s theme is “Safe Surroundings: Preventing Violence and Promoting Peace Community by Community” (https://www.amtrauma.org/page/NTAM2022).

The American Trauma Society’s (ATS) mission is to eliminate needless disability and death from injury. For over 50 years, “ATS has served as an advocate for the trauma care system, trauma prevention programs, and the victims of trauma and their families throughout the U.S.” (https://www.amtrauma.org/page/About).

Two main focal points are preventing injury and ensuring optimal treatment of those impacted. Physical trauma can include events like car crashes, gunshots, wounds, blunt injuries, battery, burns, or falls.

The organization has noted a rise in violence in the nation has led to a rise in intentional injuries and deaths. This year, the ATS has chosen to highlight four areas for prevention efforts. These areas are intimate partner violence, firearm injury prevention, mental health awareness, and community violence intervention.

To learn more about National Trauma Awareness Month, tune in every Tuesday in May for a webinar series on the four prevention efforts above. On May 18, use the hashtag #TraumaSurvivorsDay to show your support or celebrate a survivor.

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