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National Ladder Safety Month

Thursday, March 17, 2022 Amanda Coniglio

National Ladder Safety Month

Ladder safety is a crucial part of, industry applicable, health and safety programming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 300,000 ladder injuries reported in the United States in 2017 and with that, each year more than 100 people die from accidents involving ladders.

The main types of ladder injuries include, but are not limited to, falls and cuts or punctures due to contact with nails or other sharp objects. The most common factors in ladder accidents include lack of proper equipment, using the ladder in an unsafe location, failure to wear protective gear, and lack of training or experience. More specifically, the 5 specific causes of ladder incidents according to a 2016 study completed by American Ladder Institute (ALI):

  1. Missing the last step of the ladder when climbing down
  2. Overreaching while on the ladder
  3. The ladder was not the right size for the job
  4. The ladder was not on firm, level ground
  5. Three points of contact were not used when climbing the ladder

So, how do we reduce ladder accidents? Some tips to avoid ladder accidents are as follows:

  1. Always use a ladder that is the right size for the task
  2. Inspect ladders for damage before use
  3. Make sure you maintain firm footing and keep a secure grip on the sides of the ladder
  4. Don’t overload the ladder
  5. Never climb above the second rung from the top of any ladder
  6. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  7. Avoid distractions
  8. Avoid carrying items while climbing a ladder
  9. Attach safety equipment such as a harness or rope when needed
  10. Avoid work in high wind conditions, when it is raining, or when there is ice on the ground

March is National Ladder Safety Month! If you are interested in participating in the events scheduled for 2022 or just learning more about it, follow this link:


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