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More Than Boots on the Ground

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 Gary Smith

More than just boots on the ground….

Over our 30 years we have handled the Safety needs of hundreds of clients, addressing every kind of Construction Safety challenge.

In November of 2015, OSEA helped direct and plan a large multi RTU Helicopter lift at the one million square foot Solar City Construction project in Buffalo New York. The “lift” utilized a Sikorski S-64 Sky crane from Ericson Inc. with an 8-man crew. 44 large roof top units were lifted from an adjacent lot and placed on 44 I-beam curbs spread-out over the entire million sq. foot roof. Placing all 44 units took just over 7 hours…. That’s one unit picked up, flown in and placed approximately every 10 minutes.

This successful Sky Crane lift was the made possible by the collective hard work and planning of an OSEA headed Safety team working closely with the JW Danforth Management team. The 6 weeks of planning, 36-page JSA, the cooperation of the FAA, local Fire and Police, and the incredible coordination and hard work of 46 tradesmen, made this lift “one of the very best” according to Erickson’s Steve Reavis Manager of Construction.

OSEA’s history is full of out the ordinary, complex and challenging Safety projects. As our clients evolve and take on more challenging business environments using more complex work methods, we continue to be the EHS partner that has the resources to not only meet their ever-changing environment, but as an EHS innovator prepare our clients for what comes next.

…… and being in, and working with a Sikorski S 64, was a total thrill… even for this most seasoned “Safety Guy”

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