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Technology Enabled Safety Inspections

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 Amanda Coniglio

We all know how dangerous the workplace can be whether we work in manufacturing, construction, or any other sector we face unique hazards based on our job tasks. Every employer has the obligation to determine job hazards, establish controls to mitigate the hazards, and to train employees on those hazards. Employers must put systems into place in order to effectively carry this duty out. There are methods, systems and programs out there that can greatly assist employers and company leadership in their accident prevention initiatives. One such area that is currently growing and gaining traction is the use of technology enabled safety inspections.

There are many different ways to use technology in your safety inspections. There are different software applications that can be used on the computer, tablet or phone that allow you the ability to compile your data into printable reports; there are apps that help you choose proper PPE based on job tasks, and there are several different job hazard reporting software’s out there.

Perhaps the most innovative new technology designed to assist you, your supervisors, and your safety professionals in safety inspections is the proprietary app, Safety Badger. Not only can you use Safety Badger to document your safety inspection with photos from your tablet or phone, then mark items as fixed when corrective actions are taken, but you can also seek expert safety support directly through the app. If you have a question on whether or not something is safe, or how to mitigate the hazard, snap a picture write a brief description/question and hit submit. A safety expert will respond within minutes with the appropriate regulation and how to mitigate the hazard accordingly. The Badger also sends out regulatory information, important PPE recalls and tool box talks to users.

All supervisors and EH&S managers should truly use technology to their advantage when it comes to workplace safety. It can streamline processes, make information and reports more accessible, and as mentioned above, can also provide 24/7 real-time access to a support system full of safety experts.

Learn more about the app, Safety Badger, at the following link: https://www.safetybadger.com/

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