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Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Bermingham

Sunday, March 1, 2020 Julia Costa

In OSEA’s recent expansions, we have welcomed back a former colleague, Elizabeth Bermingham. Liz works as our Accounting Manager and has done a lot to help OSEA become more organized and improve our attention to detail. When asked what she was most excited for about being back on the OSEA team, she answered, “the most rewarding thing is saving lives. Every day we try to help those around us act proactively to avoid accidents or injuries”. Liz has experience in Business Administrating, Human Resources, and Finance. She has a B.S in Business Management as well as an A.A.S. in Accounting Her favorite thing about working in the safety industry is knowing that our team is consistently educating people in safety and in helping the environment.

During her time out of the office, Liz holds a passion for outdoor, nature photography. She enjoys exploring and getting pictures of vibrant colors and beautiful sites. She often shares these with her friends and family members. In addition, a fun fact about Liz is that she loves to make people laugh. If you’ve ever met Liz, you know she is almost always wearing a smile and is always interested in her colleague’s home life.

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