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Employee Spotlight: Leo Gibbons

Monday, March 11, 2019 Joseph Coniglio

Leo Gibbons is one of the longest standing Buffalo, NY safety trainers OSEA has. Leo is an exceptional instructor with a style and poise that is much different than all the others. His ability to relate to employees during training has made him a highly requested trainer by clients. For as long as he’s been here, he has never taught with a single PowerPoint slide deck or computer, which makes his classes have a very personal touch to them. Outside of OSEA, Leo is a USA Swimming Official and avid competitor. As a competitor, he has taken home many victories in state games over the years in multiple distances and stroke styles. When he’s not providing top notch safety training, practicing for his next event, or officiating one; he can be found taking down a massive burger at any of Buffalo’s prized burger joints. Leo’s dedication to OSEA, knowledge in the industry, and drive has made him a great asset to our team; we’re lucky to have him!

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