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The Benefits of Getting 8 Hours of Sleep

Saturday, June 1, 2019 Natalie Salem

Life is hectic. Period. You have work, kids, sports, school, and family to all cram into a short period of time while still having time to get enough exercise and sleep. Sleep is essential to healthy living, and people who don’t get a full seven to eight hours of sleep at night can experience increased stress, and the inability to focus. This can also decrease your lifespan. Here are some ways that getting seven to eight hours of sleep can affect your life:

  • By decreasing your risk of serious health conditions
  • By decreasing your chances for heart disease
  • By mitigating your need to snack
  • By boosting your immune system
  • By increasing your creativity and increase brain function

We all know the feeling of having to wake up and not feeling rested or not being able to get out of bed! Getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night has a lasting effect on your health. Avoid the groggy mornings and less productive work days and start keeping track of your sleep schedule.

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