OSEA Proactive Auditing Systems™

OSEA Proactive Auditing Systems™

OSEA Proavtive Auditing Systems™ can help your company keep your employees safe while providing recommendations on how to fix and improve the safety in your workforce.

Inspections per year 4 6 12
Inspections conducted at either construction or manufacturing locations Included Included Included
Findings and recommendations reported within 48 hours of inpsection Included Included Included
Frequency of included phone conference to discuss safety items addressed 1 2 2
Frequency of included in-person meetings to discuss safety items addressed 1 2
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Inspections Conducted at Your Location

OSEA PAS gives you access to 4, 6, or 12 inspections a year at either your construction or manufacturing locations.

Expert Support

Members get access to a certain number of included phone conferences or in-person meetings with our expert technical staff to discuss safety items of concern.

Findings and Recommendations

The inspection report of findings and recommendations to correct or adjust safety items of concerns will be reported within 48 hours of the inpsection, so as to ensure the safety concerns may be fixed quickly and efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Members can be assured they are getting up-to-date safety information that is OSHA compliant to reduce accidents and make safety a high priority.

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