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Employee Spotlight- Murray Tate

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 Joe Coniglio

Murray “Murr” Tate is one of the most knowledgeable people in his field of hazardous materials. Plus, being a southerner, he’s a likable, professional and respectful person. He has a diverse background from chemical industry, to safety and, most interestingly, was his time with the government where he supported drug interdiction operations to render drug labs safe for entry. On top of providing highly technical projects with OSEA, Murray is preparing to defend his dissertation which is the last part component for his PhD. More impressive than his professional background and education is his ability to provide top notch safety training to clients. Like a Tom Cruise movie, people rave about Murray’s training. He has an impressive balance of regulatory topics paired with relevant stories and hands on exercises. When he’s not running a safety class, Murray can be found running champion bird dogs through national competitions. A guy with many talents, Murray continues to impress us with his impactful training methods and his friendly attitude to all of our clients and office coworkers. We continue to recognize his skills and are lucky to have him on board.

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