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Employee Spotlight: Alfred Marceaux

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 Julia Costa

As 2020 continues into the final quarter, our business continues to grow. OSEA has hired our newest Senior Safety Specialist, Alfred Marceaux, also known as Marso for short. Marso recently joined our team and has immediately snapped into his role as a safety educator. He’s most excited to be able to work locally. For thirty years, Marso has been traveling for work. He even has helped raise a couple of teenagers in Southeast Asia with his wife, Jen.

In the late ’70s and ’80s, Marso had a Ford Dually with a Lincoln 200 amp welding machine and a set of cutting torch bottles; he went around doing everything from well heads on Christmas trees, pipelines, pig launchers and receivers, compressor stations, etc. For the last 30 years, Marso managed grassroots industrial construction projects, mostly for Exxon Mobile. After working in the safety industry for so long, incidents begin to repeat themselves. Marso has a strong motivation to teach people how to break those vicious cycles, and not get hurt on the job, “it saves peoples’ lives!"

When Marso is not educating the workers of today, he is kayaking or fly fishing with his very own home-made flies. He also plays blues guitar (both electric & acoustic) and drives a “tricked out” Jeep Wrangler. A fun fact about our newest employee is that he has a ZZ Top beard and he is very proud of it! Take a look next time you get to work with him.

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