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OSEA After 30 Years

Monday, December 6, 2021 Gina Coniglio

OSEA after 30 Years

It is almost incomprehensible to ponder that we are starting our 30 years in business ! Our first office opened on December 9, 1991.

Our company was conceived some weeks earlier at the kitchen table of Gina and John Coniglio. We had a mission to ensure that workers came home from their jobs each in the same or better shape than when they arrived there in the morning. The way we transact business today is much different than it was then, but the mission is the same. Training, advising, and showing company’s how to achieve this mission has been more complicated, yet so much more important today.

In 1991, business was conducted via live phone calls, mailed letters and face to face meetings with businesses. Surely the advent of text and email has made work faster but not always better. Sadly, there are few face to face meetings now. During face-to-face meetings, we got to know our clients, look at their business and forge long term relationships and often friendships.

If a client loved the work, they often sent a letter, if they didn’t, they spoke with us right away and we could then rectify the service to their satisfaction.

As I write this I think about a typical day in the life of business, there were no computers, so everything was typed and retyped until it was perfect. Word processing made this so much more efficient. When email came out, I can remember having office discussions of how silly it was to email each other when we were jut a few feet away, and could talk to each other. Now since the office place is the world, that doesn’t happen often. Sometimes this is good and sometimes not so good.

Back then we learned how to trust and lean on the spoken word when hiring new employees and their past employers. The employers would be truthful and let us know what a great (or not so great) person we were getting. Past employees are now advised to only provide only the amount of time a person worked with them.

There are many wonderful things this new age has brought to business. What I miss the most is the honesty, trust, and face to face encounters.

I am happy to say that over our 30 years our mission has not changed.

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