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Gina Coniglio Employee Spotlight

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Natalie Salem

Gina Coniglio has been an active participant in OSEA, Inc. since December, 1991, serving as Corporate Secretary/Controller and President. Gina has assumed the Office of CEO and Owner of OSEA, Inc. Her past experience as Corporate Secretary and Treasurer of Rabbit Run Enterprises and her post master's Certificate of Advanced Study in the field of Administration have prepared her to undertake the role of CEO and Owner.

In her role as "CEO", Gina's responsibilities include long and short range company planning, fiscal planning and management, budgeting, marketing and directing the company's efforts for quality control. Gina ensures regulatory compliance for the company as well as heading up all h

Human Resources activities. In addition, Gina directs all training efforts at the headquarters and at various client locations. She has had extensive experience, at OSEA, Inc. and at other employment working with state and federal grants.

Prior to her becoming totally involved in the activities of OSEA, Inc., Gina held the positions of Teacher, Home Care Coordinator and Client Program Coordinator at an educational facility for the developmentally disabled. In these positions, Gina's responsibilities included working with families and public and private agencies to coordinate benefits for people with developmental disabilities throughout the five counties. Quality service to the consumer was a commitment she strived for.

Gina was the major force in formulating OSEA/NC, Inc. After extensive market research and many visits to the area, the company was incorporated on March 24, 1997 and opened for business on March 31, 1997. Since that time, Gina has been the driving force in the sales and marketing planning and long range plan for this entity.

The wide-ranging exposure to all areas of the education and training arena provides great insight not only into program development and presentation but specific audience applicability. Understanding the audience, the material being presented, and assembling a package that will not only accomplish the learning goal, but also make it interesting as well as add to participant retention, is her specialty.

Training in Education, Computer Based Instruction, and adult and school age instruction, makes her input into training and program development an important component to our total quality and effectiveness.

Fun facts: Gina loves to fish (hates worms!) and is a continuous fishing contest with her 8 year old grandson. He is winning!

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