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Being 'Green' At The Office

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Michele Pratt

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as much as 45 percent of the 250 million tons of municipal waste generated in 2011 was from commercial and institutional locations such as business and government offices, retail establishments, schools and hospitals. Recognizing the power of individuals in the workplace to engage in recycling which results in saving energy, reducing emissions and landfills, conserving natural resources and generating jobs. (recyclingatwork.org) Many companies have adapted to the changing marketplace in relation to the options available for recycling. Its common practice at most companies to recycle paper but beyond that companies can fall short. An option is to perform an audit to evaluate paper, plastics, metals and recyclable chemicals. Check with your municipality as a resource for items that can be easily recycled. There are often community events to recycle electronics, batteries, old cell phones and used medications to name a few items. Some communities have resources for donating more than old clothes many non-for profits will take previously loved automobiles. Periodically check back on items that may be expensive to recycle or those items that you receive a rebate for. Since recycling is considered a commodity supply and demand play a big part in affecting your company’s bottom line.
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