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Skiing & Snowboarding Safety

Thursday, January 16, 2020 Natalie Salem

As winter approaches and the snow starts to fall, winter sports enthusiasts become overjoyed again as the slopes become covered in white fluffy powder. While you do your happy dance about getting to ski or snowboard soon, keep in mind some of these tips to ensure you aren’t brought down the hill in a toboggan by the Ski Patrol.

  • Be prepared to enter and exit the lift. If it’s your first time going on a ski lift, ask the operator to slow down the lift to ensure you are prepared to get on and off the lift safely. A lot of ski/snowboard accidents occur when exiting lifts unprepared; falling and causing a pile-up to begin.
  • Dress appropriately. Many people don’t dress very warm since they will heat up as they move. This doesn’t account for sweating which can cause you to become cold, especially as you sit on the lift in the wind. Make sure your jackets are windbreakers as well as being sure to wear your snow pants to keep warm all day long!
  • Follow trail markers – this keeps you safe and ensures you aren’t headed down a black diamond trail that would be way over your skill level.
  • Shred with a friend – besides making for a more enjoyable day, it keeps you both safe. Having someone to watch out for you if you fall or get hurt is always comforting.
  • Wear sunscreen – always a good idea regardless to prevent skin cancer; the reflection of the sun on the snow intensifies the rays which can cause sunburn even if it isn’t very bright out.

Following the above tips can ensure your fun ski/snowboard day stays enjoyable and doesn’t end in sunburn or injury.

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