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Employee Spotlight: Kelly O'Brien

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Joseph Coniglio

Kelly O’Brien to OSEA, Inc. is like Rob Gronkowski to the Pats; very dependable, very experienced, very valuable. She is basically the go to person for tough field assignments. If you have a few hours of time you can page through Kelly’s extensive work background and credentials. She is one of the most credentialed people in the company. Now as most people know being book smart and street smart are two different things, and it is difficult to find people that are both. I can honestly say that Kelly is both. She does a fantastic job of using her experience and knowledge to educate employees while on the job. She is a field safety representative that is found in the field with the employees, not in a trailer. She is a positive mentor to young safety professionals and takes ownership of her projects. Kelly has been placed on some of the most challenging and demanding jobs for OSEA always coming out the end with positive results. We truly appreciate her hard work, dedication and work ethic she brings to this team. An interesting fun fact about Kelly is she was an ice hockey player! Thank you again Kelly, it is people like you that help OSEA maintain its reputation of placing quality safety folks on projects.

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