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Gary Smith: Our Newest Senior Director of Field Operations

Thursday, October 22, 2020 Julia Costa

The landscape for the Safety Professional and for EHS Companies is rapidly changing. Keeping up with ever-increasing regulations while not losing focus on our core responsibilities is not only fundamental to our success, more importantly, it challenges us to remember why we do what we do. Keep our workers safe.

The OSEA Safety team is certainly among the best. This is especially true of our Safety team in the field. Each of their assignments is challenging, requiring their total effort and expertise. As their worksite responsibilities become more demanding, we need to give them all the tools and support needed to guarantee their success as a front-line resource ensuring all workers go home each day uninjured and healthy.

The benefits of professional support being available to pro’s in the field are what makes some organizations, such as OSEA highly, successful in the Safety Industry.

OSEA is proud to announce the promotion of Senior Safety Manager Gary Smith to head up our field support operations as our new Senior Director of Field Operations. Reporting directly to the President of the company, Gary will have all recourses necessary to fully support our field team.

When asked what he sees the role of Senior Director to be, he offers “ it will be different with each client, with each of our Safety Professionals, with each environment. I’m the extra set of eyes, ears, and even nose. Sometimes as a coach, sometimes as a caddy, sometimes just a sounding board. But always a direct resource for whatever our guys need.” Ensuring for our clients they get the best of our companies expertise and support. “For our clients it means they get a 2 for 1 deal.. no extra charge”

Meet more of our hardworking team members here: https://www.osea.com/company/our-team/

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