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Employee Spotlight: Biagio Vavala

Monday, May 13, 2019 Joseph Coniglio

Biagio Vavala is this month's Employee Spotlight, and he is one of the longest standing employees in our Syracuse branch. His background is much different than most other employees here as well. Biagio comes from the chemical industry, where he served as a director of EHS services for nearly his entire career before coming to OSEA. He is an extremely strong and experienced safety trainer. His ability to take his vast experiences in the heavy manufacturing and chemical industry, and parallel that to any safety class he teaches make his classes very interesting. Biagio is requested time and time again by clients all over the New York State. He has a unique way of capturing the audience’s attention and getting them to participate in his classes. On top of being a great instructor, he is considered our resident expert of chemical safety operations. Thank you Biagio for your long standing support and dedication to our mission!

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