Asbestos Safety

Asbestos in the workplace is a serious matter. OSEA is a licensed NYS asbestos contractor and can help with your project planning and execution. Our staff consists of asbestos handlers, air sampling technicians, and project monitors.

The primary focus of our work involves the investigation and analysis of potential asbestos contamination and specific recommendations for remediation. OSEA can help determine if asbestos exists in your facility, conduct any necessary sampling to identify the type, develop a work plan, be on site to ensure safety and health regulations are being followed (representing anyone from the owner down), and conduct mandatory air sampling during the event or final clearance sampling.


Identificaiton of type, location, and quanity of asbestos is vital to any building (under construction or not). OSEA can provide inspection audits for the building owner, general contractor, or sub-contractor to help determine the situation.


Several types of sampling are required for building owners and construction projects as it relates to asbestos. OSEA can provide bulk sampling, pre-construction air sampling, background sampling, and final clearance sampling for projects.

Project Management

Ensuring contractors are following the strict regulations regarding asbestos removal and handling can be a tough job that requires an experienced individual. OSEA can provide your team with an on-site asbestos project monitor to ensure compliance from all parties.


The most important part to ensuring the safety of employees and occupants is training. Let OSEA provide your team with top notch asbestos training to ensure they gain the proper knowledge before working with or near asbestos.

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