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Cavalry Security Services, LLC.

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

OSEA, Inc. is proud to announce the creation of its affiliate company, Cavalry Security Services, LLC. Cavalry Security Services is headquartered in Orchard Park, NY providing specialized security consulting to clients in all types of industries from municipalities to doctors offices. The formation of Cavalry Security Services, LLC streams from both principals, Amanda and Joseph Coniglio’s, former careers serving as US Army Cavalry Officers. The traditions, motto’s, work ethic, and mentality of the US Army Cavalry has stuck with them to be brought into the private sector.

Helping clients determine their challenges, benchmark their security posture and develop written programs and plans is what Cavalry Security Services provides to their clients daily. As a natural complement to safety, Cavalry Security started offering their services through OSEA, Inc. as an affiliate firm and the two services working hand in hand for a seamless consulting service to clients.

Cavalry Security Services, LLC provides audits, investigations, training, research & selection of security products, and programs, policies & Standard Operating Procedures. Interested in learning more, check out the website at www.cavsecurity.com

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